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Self-Treatment for Pelvic Floor Tension

Join Sara Reardon, PT and Jessica Reale, PT as they discuss Self-Treatment for Pelvic Floor Tension!

Have you ever dealt with: 

  • Low back or hip pain?
  • Groin or genital pain?
  • Pain with sex?
  • Sensations of tension and tightness in your abdomen and pelvis?
  • Increased urges for the bladder? Bladder leakage?
  • Constipation? Or strong bowel urges? 

Any and all of these may be signs of pelvic floor tension and overactivity. In this 75 minute class, we'll discuss: 

  • Pelvic floor anatomy and function
  • Common pelvic floor problems
  • What is overactivity and what it can feel like
  • Exercises that help to improve pelvic floor muscle tension
  • Self- massage techniques for the pelvic floor and muscles around the pelvis
  • How to get started with wands and dilators

This class will be practical and engaging! If you've dealt with pelvic floor tension, overactivity, hypertonicity, or difficulty relaxing, this class is made for YOU!

[The content of this course is educational in nature and does not replace seeing a pelvic health therapist for in-person assessment and treatment.]