$49.00 USD

Intrarectal Balloon Training 101

Do your patients tell you they can't feel when they need to have a bowel movement? Or, they feel like the need to go to the bathroom all the time? Or, they try to go, but just can't get the stool out?

Intrarectal balloon training is an evidence-based and practical form of biofeedback to help with constipation, difficulty emptying bowels, fecal urgency, and fecal incontinence. Join Jessica Reale, PT, DPT, WCS and Brooke David, PT, PRPC to learn how to use this modality effectively in your clinical practice.  

Here's what we'll cover: 

  • The anatomy and physiology related to defecation (AKA-- Why balloon training makes sense as a treatment)
  • Current research regarding balloon training and best practice.
  • Step-by-step training for performing balloon training for rectal hypersensitivity, rectal hyposensitivity and dyssynergic defecation.
  • Video demonstration of balloon training so you can use this treatment the next day in the clinic with confidence!
  • BONUSES will include a patient education handout and treatment protocols you can use in the clinic.

[ Please note that this class is intended for healthcare professionals ]