$49.00 USD

Vaginismus Masterclass (*For Healthcare Professionals)

Vaginismus, characterized by pain and muscle spasm with insertion into the vagina, is thought to impact anywhere from 5-17% of individuals.

Do you feel confident in your evaluation and treatment strategies to help people dealing with vaginismus? Do you ever feel stuck in treatment, and unsure how to help your patients progress?

Join us for this 90-min masterclass focused on practical ways to help you optimize your treatment approach! 

This masterclass includes:

  • Detailed background information on vaginismus: known causes, tests and medical management
  • A comprehensive rehab examination sequence that can be tailored to each patient
  • Innovative treatment strategies to help address the whole person including specific exercises, nervous system approaches, and vaginal dilator/trainer progressions
  • An overview of the current evidence regarding best practice when caring for people with vaginismus.

**BONUS material will include a patient education handout on vaginal dilators/trainers, notes pages, and more! 

[ Please note that this class is intended for licensed healthcare providers. ]